Breakfast / Brunch

Good morning!  Can you smell the coffee?  Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a leisurely weekend celebration, our breakfast / brunch offerings will surely be a great start to your day!

Sample Breakfast / Brunch Menu

 Magnificent MMMuffins

Country Maple, Orange Date, Blueberry Oatmeal, Lemon Swirl, Apple Streusel

 “Infamous” Bouquet Garni Scones

Rich homemade cranberry or blueberry scones, made with real butter and fresh berries
in the English tradition

Housemade Cinnamon Buns

Absolutely irresistible smell and taste, with caramel, pecans and lots of spice

Gourmet Tart

A flavourful combination of spinach, crisp bacon (optional), mushrooms, vegetables and
cheeses in a flaky herbed homemade pastry (also available in a gluten free sweet potato

Fresh Fruit Platter

Fresh cut seasonal fruits, beautifully arranged on our mirror platters.

Coffee, Cream and Sugar

Download our complete breakfast menu