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Shortbread Cookies

It is Christmas and the baking has already begun.  One of the traditions in our family was and is… shortbread.  It is a very simple cookie to make – there are only three ingredients to the basic shortbread: butter, sugar and flour.  This simple cookie, made properly and left to age for a few days […]

Lemon Snow with Lemon Custard

What a dump of snow we had the other day.  I guess it was the first of the season.  It came down heavy and hung on the tree branches in big white clumps.  It reminded me of a dessert my Mom used to make on special occasions when I was a kid.  The dessert was […]

Quebec strawberries

The local strawberry season is underway! These little juicy, flavourful strawberry gems are a wonderful addition to the local produce scene. They replace the big, bland imported variety we have had on hand for most of the year. When picking up the basket from the market, it takes real willpower to not dig in and […]